Love-and-Light-Nutrition-LogoCorinne_Ellams_PractitionerCorinne Ellams is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Feng Shui Consultant, and the owner of Love and Light Nutrition.  She graduated with honors from the prestigious Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a business major, and a Certified Management Accounting designation.

Holistic Nutritionists look at the whole person and all the contributing factors that affect a person’s health.  Corinne can help to address the root cause of specific symptoms and problems, and provide guidance to help you achieve your nutritional goals and optimum wellness.  She introduces new dietary habits, utilizing the foremost nutritional information, so that optimal health can be achieved through diet.  She will also address other important factors such as environmental pollution, metal toxicity, food sensitivities and micro-flora imbalances. This holistic approach provides dietary aid as well as lifestyle and psycho-spiritual guidance.

Corinne is a published author and writes for holistic-based websites.  She has hosted Thrive & Be Alive for years on AURA SHOP website & Facebook page.

We must learn to listen to our body as it speaks to us in the form of symptoms and issues, and look for the root cause. Corinne has many years of studying and living a life of nutrition and alternate health and can help you find the path to healing. Her passion for finding the purist empowering lifestyle is highly contagious. So get ready to change – in a glorious way.

Service Options

     Customized to each individual

 Initial Consult (15 min) – FREE

     Discussion of issues and possibility of working together

 Initial Assessment (90 min)

     In depth body systems review and recommendations

 Couples Initial (90 min)

     In depth body systems review and recommendations for each person

 Follow Ups (30 min)

     Food & lifestyle adjustments

 Follow Up Packages available for your convenience

     Purchase 4 receive 5 (one free)

 Meal Plans 1 week

     For optimal nutritional value

 Cupboard Cleanse 

      Inventory & analysis of items in kitchen

 Market/Grocery Shop Tour (66 min)

     What to buy, reading labels, introducing new products

Email aurashop@aol.com