How To Get Into The Space of Open Heart


  1. Cultivate Boundaries.  When the oxygen mask drops on the plane, put it on first, then assist the other passengers (NOT vice versa).  Having boundaries means that you are cultivating true unconditional Love, by loving yourself.  For if you do not love yourself, it is impossible to love anyone else.
  2. Cultivate compassion. Extend your Empathy to compassion versus sympathy.  Rather than feeling  sorry for a person, deeply connect with them energetically with an Open Loving Heart.  Feeling compassion comes with a strong desire to alleviate suffering.  By staying in your Loving Heart Energy, you will assist individuals & Humanity to transform fear into love.
  3. Cultivate Emotional Balance. Allow yourself to experience every emotion, no matter what it is. It begins the process of balancing the emotional body.  All emotions are good. The “negative” ones are catalysts for transformation.  The key is Self-Respect.  When you respect yourself, you respect others. It all begins with you.
  4. Cultivate Gratitude. When you are in appreciation, your Heart is open;  it’s in the Present moment.  When you are in your head, your thoughts keep you in stress, fight-or-flight, in the past or in the future.  Being grateful for all the incredible blessings in your life keeps you out of fear and in your Heart – where you have unlimited power and are totally protected.
  5. Cultivate Connection/Unity Consciousness. We are all ONE; there is no separation.  When we keep our Hearts open, we automatically connect to each other at the Highest Levels, through our Crown Chakra.  When enough of us are holding this frequency, there will be Critical Mass-shifts in Global Energy that will reflect visible changes on our planet:  new governments, wars ending, disease ending, eco-communities, abundance for All.

As our in-house Reader, Shelley Warren says, “If you are connected, you are protected.”

Follow us next week for the first of two Blogs describing the true nature of Empaths & how to tell if you are one.

Play with Rose Quartz, Kunzite or Morganite to keep your Heart open with boundaries.


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