Shanna Lynn is a certified Crystal Alchemist, Faeriologist, Sound Alchemist, Energy Artist , and Reiki 1 and 2 Practitioner.  Deeply in tune with the mysteries of the Ancients and a Star-Child herself, her minimalistic, sustainable lifestyle and sacred reverence for the Elementals, reflect her beliefs and loving relationship with Nature.  Shanna implements crystal energy, vocal healing and Earth Essence into her daily practices and energy sessions, focusing on a holistic lifestyle that honors love and light for all life-forces.  She now feels the call to offer her services on a more Universal scale, providing empowerment and Elemental connections to the new generations. Shanna has over three decades of working with faeries, nature, spirits and the stars. She has studied under Doreen Virtue and Antea Rood and has been an integral part of the AURA SHOP Team for over two years.
Experience a twist on traditional Tarot and Oracle readings by adventuring into the Kingdom of the Fairies.  The fairies are channeled to engage their wisdom and light-hearted love in all readings.  The energies of the crystal, plant and mineral kingdom is implemented creating a space through which the Voices of Natural and Elemental Kingdoms bring forth their messages, helping you realign yourself to your Gifts.
Enjoy the Sacred Science of the Ancients with the mystical healing energy of Sound Alchemy. Using Angelic cosmic vibrations, vocal frequency is matched to chakra energies to empower and activate the Higher Self.  A highly charged, spiritual and revered practice, Sound Alchemy brings balance, stability and peace while infusing the entire Being with Light Waves of Universal Love.
$55 for 30 Minute Reading
$99 for 1 Hour Reading
 “Shanna’s singing is pure magic and truly out-of-this-world.  I felt as if I were in a Disney movie, with her voice as the tour guide leading me through a mystical, magical, fairy tale filled with fun, play and child-like adventure. With an amazing high vibration tool for manifesting, I believe that her voice heals hearts, lifts spirits and guides souls to their destination.”
Megan D.
Reiki Practitioner/Angel Intuitive
“I particularly enjoyed the way you approached teaching the Chakras, it was the clearest and most accessible explanation of the Chakras I have ever had.”
Elena L.
Certified Nurse Midwife and Yoga Instructor
“Oh, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!!! I loved loved loved your Sound Alchemy Workshop”
Julia K.
Nanny, Student